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Meanwhile in all About My cousin, Jenny has started relationships Asher Hornsby

Within Asher and you will Jenny’s party, the guy, along with Blair, let you know Asher try gay too

Georgina Cause efficiency to New york when you look at the Seriously Trying to Serena. She prompts Serena commit out, and you may medicines their unique the night before SATs. Dan becomes concerned with their own, and assumes it has to carry out towards recent meshing from the fresh VDW-Bass parents. Georgina, which becomes angry after Serena says to their own not to ever contact her once again, “accidentally” incurs Dan about playground and brings up herself because the Sarah. Dan is suspicious of him and his suspicions was affirmed just after he notices Asher kissing an effective boy. He faces your about any of it, but Asher answers from the guaranteeing when planning on taking Jenny’s virginity. Dan tries to rating Serena and you may Sarah to satisfy, but becomes crazy whenever Serena informs him never to trust their unique. In the a lunch, Georgina lets they slip to help you Serena and you will Lily one Eric was gay. For the Lady towards Brink, Dan goes finding Serena and all clues lead him so you’re able to Blair’s penthouse. As he happens, Blair, Chuck, and you may Nate try to prevent your from viewing an effective hungover and you may unpredictable Serena. However, she is provided and you may lies that she duped towards your the evening in advance of to store your of discovering their unique genuine miracle. Immediately after they are gone, she shows so you’re able to Blair, Chuck, and you may Nate you to definitely she and you will Georgina was basically establish to own a beneficial pal’s overdose and you can she seems because if she murdered your. So you can let their particular pick closure, Blair, Chuck, and you will Nate synergy discover Georgina and avoid this new blackmail. Meanwhile, Georgina while the Sarah conce to full cover up from a keen abusive and you can fanatical ex. She as well as acknowledges you to she’s attitude for him and the several kiss. Throughout the finale Much ‘I Do’ Throughout the Nothing, Serena confesses the entire insights so you’re able to Dan, To track down right back within Georgina, he works with Blair to transmit her from the area from the delivering their own on top of that go camping. On Lily and Bart’s wedding, he vacation trips with Serena, refusing is in the crisis and you will problems that come to the differences in the globes.

Year A couple

From the premier Summer Brand of Wonderful, it’s revealed Dan spent the summer months interning that have Jeremiah Harris and you may matchmaking several female to overcome their break up which have Serena. However, he knows the guy misses their particular and you will happens off to pick their own on Hamptons. When he appear, he or she is greeted from the CeCe whom provides their own recognition and you can lends Dan a white fit to wear towards Supplement Liquids White Party. On group, he makes up about that have Serena as well as spend the nights on the brand new beach to each other. After, Dan returns with the area however, has hooking up having Serena, in the course of time choosing to reconcile (Never been Marcused). Immediately after a little while, they realize again that they come from totally different globes and that it just isn’t planning to works among them. They talk just after getting involved inside the an effective lift during a black colored away, and you may breakup once again (The fresh Black Evening). On the first-day from college, Dan and you may Serena operate awkwardly together but commit to try and be relatives. He match another girl, Amanda Lasher, and big date to one another. Blair, refusing Serena to acquire damage, plots of land to break Dan and you can Amanda up. It functions, however, Dan thinks Serena made it happen intentionally plus they avoid talking (This new Ex lover-Files).

Dan, wanting to head to Yale, tries to get Noah Shapiro to enter your a referral. He encourages Dan to leave of their comfort zone, thus Dan starts hanging out with Chuck. He learns all sorts of personal things, like this Chuck thinks the guy killed their mother as the she died during the childbirth. On a single of their outings, Chuck accidently assumes a lady try an enthusiastic escort that is threatened of the their boyfriend. To quit the increasing struggle, Dan punches he however, gets they both detained to own brawling publicly. Chuck thanks your for having their straight back but requires they back just after reading Dan was dealing with your. Noah Shapiro bails Dan off jail, but will get furious shortly after Dan refuses to let you know heiГџes Indisch MГ¤dchen Chuck’s secrets to have exposure (The fresh new Serena Along with Goes up). During the a visit to Yale, Nate, knowing men there detests his father to own their crimes, pretends as Dan. At the same time, Dan discovers he requires an alternate testimonial and you can works around university trying to get it. He’s directed to a beneficial girl called Michael jordan, which Nate are hooking up that have towards the week-end. Dan implies that Nate was sleeping regarding the which he is, but gets their works filed. Meanwhile, Chuck is kidnapped from the a secret community who promise so that him in the when the the guy provides Nate on them. Declining so you can damage their companion, Chuck says to all of them Dan try Nate. Whenever Nate learns just what Chuck performed, he sets a pause on the friendship and you will actually starts to befriend Dan (The brand new Haven Is Hold off).


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